About Us


Life for most is a race, fast paced and stressful…

From the ‘Outside In’ stress precipitates tension and ultimately disease process in many forms. The catch is from the ‘Inside Out’, our unresolved emotional issues may also have the same effect via the mind- body connection.

From the ‘Outside In’, our therapists will relax, relieve stress, treat injury and assist healing ¬†from the ‘Inside Out’.

Therapy Products

Our massage oils are pure essential oils supplied by Ahimsa. Ahimsa is a sanskrit word meaning ‘reverence for life’. It means literally ‘non killing’ or ‘non harming’ and denotes non-violence in thought and deed. Ahimsa is the active state of living in harmony.

Clinic Staff

Staff consist of therapists holding qualifications in one or more of the following modalities:  nursing, musculoskeletal therapy, clinical myotherapy, remedial massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage & Oriental remedial therapies.

We encourage longevity in health and wellness through preventative medicine and lifestyle change. We aim to provide a bridge between the medical profession, complementary practitioners and clients seeking assistance.

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