General Massage

Relaxes and soothes…
Comprising basic Swedish massage moves and working over groups of muscle. Benefits health and well-being by the reflex effects of passive exercise. Particularly beneficial for those suffering the effects of an imbalanced lifestyle.

Remedial Massage

Scientific application of massage and associated body therapies with the objective of treating mechanical conditions, discomfort or systemic disease. Such conditions may include:

• Joint Problems • Frozen Shoulder
• Muscle spasm • Poor Circulation
• Loss of muscle tone • Arthritis
• Sciatica • Fibrositis
• Wry neck & headache • Lumbago

Lymphatic & Cancer Support

Lymphatic assessment and drainage for both primary and secondary lymphoedema. Treatment of cancer clients pre and post operative, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy phases of treatment. Advanced booking is essential.

We offer staff with backgrounds in medical and surgical Oncology. All staff practicing Manual Lymphatic Drainage are trained  in the Vodder technique.

Sports Massage

Application of massage and associated body therapies to treat sports related mechanical conditions, discomfort or disease. Such conditions may include:

• Medial tibial stress syndrome
• Compartment pressure syndrome
• Muscular dysfunction syndromes
• Rotator cuff syndrome
• Piriformis syndrome

Pregnancy Massage

Postural problems develop during pregnancy and these can be treated with gentle remedial massage. Relaxation for both mother and baby on our fitted ‘pregnancy table’.


Transform a general massage into an aromatherapy treatment by combining selected essential oils to suit the individuals specific needs.

Massage Styles

Therapy at Outside In is client and treatment orientated rather than style orientated. For this reason we have not included all massage and treatment options in our advertising. Therapists offer alternative massage styles and modalities according to their training and expertise.

We encourage longevity in health and wellness through preventative medicine and lifestyle change.

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