Associated Therapies

Trigger Point Therapy

A method of releasing trigger points (hardened areas) found within the fascia of a muscle. Trigger points may restrict muscle function and can result in acute symptoms if aggravated by stress or trauma.

Acupressure & Deep Tissue

A method of localised thumb, finger, elbow or knee pressure on acupressure points located on the energy meridians of the body. Energy may be either stimulated or sedated (balanced). A form of healing that makes use of the concept of traditional Chinese medicine.

Oriental Remedial

Assists vascularization and the balance of Ki. Practices include: Ginger compressing, Moxibustion , Cupping and ear candling.

Muscle Releases and Stretches

By combining muscle lengthening techniques such as post isometric relaxation and reciprocal inhibitions and other muscle energy techniques, a more effective result is produced.

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